BFuck you bastards.  You act like the oil in the ground is yous, but when you fuck up and spill it it is ours.  You're going to clean this shit up and you are not going to shirk your externality costs off on the public.  Take those $5,000 PAYOFFS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS.  Take those fake fucking kumbaya television commercials that you ran over the past year and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS.  You are god damn world criminals.  Your back up plan for this type of disaster was "IT WON'T HAPPEN".  That's it "IT WON'T HAPPEN".  And when you have Dick Fking Cheney design an "energy policy" that leaves you totally off the hook then you can go "IT WON'T HAPPEN" route.  Fuck You.  Not this time Fuck Wads.

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