Like FDR said in 1936 "I welcome their hatred."

What the hell is wrong with you Barack.  These people are guilty of f**king us over and you are asking them to "join us".  F**K them they should be joining with their fellow criminals at the food line in prison.   You got that Obama, PRISON.
You have co-conspirators in your administration.  Geithner is a CROOK.  Summers is a CROOK.  Bernanke is a CROOK.  MILLIONS of God damn dollars these people STOLE and you ask them to kumbaya with us.  F**K that.  Who's President are you?  Who's President are you?  Do something for us, not for them.  It is not written on tablets that these jerks who MAKE nothing should be compensated with millions of dollars.  Some even got Billions for doing NOTHING but screwing this country.  What the hell is the matter with you?  Pass some God Damn laws that mean something.  Put all the Goldman Sachs jack offs in JAIL.  After that go through each Hedge Fund company and put the lying cheats in JAIL.  Is this difficult for you to understand?

You better start hating these Wall Street assholes because I can tell you for certain that the middle class (what's left of it thanks to Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II)are leaving you in droves.  We had promise and hope, now we have shit.

Be our President not theirs.

"I welcome their hatred"


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