Geithner Delays Congressional Currency Report To Avoid Insulting China

PHUQUE GEITHNER.  Why aren't he and his cronies in JAIL.  These people make BILLIONS & BILLIONS of dollars for doing absolutely nothing then the call it the ECONOMY.

Spare us the lies.  We voted for Obama so that we would come first, not a bunch of jackoffs on Wall Street that have created "financial instruments" out of whole cloth.  Financial instruments that they then bet on (often with inside info) and reap billions of dollars for doing NOTHING.  IT IS A GODDAMN CASINO.  Do you have the balls to do anything about it?  Doesn't look that way when you appoint crooks like Geithner & Summers.  THEY ARE CROOKS and you take advice from them, knowing they are CROOKS.  Doesn't that make you a crook.
PUT GLASS_STEIGAL BACK NOW.  Charge a fee for stock transactions.  RAISE THE GODDAMN MARGINAL TAX RATE.  Stop playing nice with the Repuglicans.  It makes you look foolish.  Are you foolish?

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