So Heath,

When did you decide you were entitled to special treatment?  Was it high school when the only thing that was important in Swain County was how well you threw the football?  Was it in College where you "earned" a degree even though you barely attended class (good old football)?  Was it in Washington when the Redskins found out that you really couldn't handle the complexities of being an NFL quarterback (Still collected that multi-million dollar salary huh)?

Privileged people deserve what they get.  It's only natural to go to DC and take up residence in that cut-rate abode(C STREET).

Sure they are claiming tax-exempt status because they say they are a church (CHURCH MY ASS), but that kind of stuff is just business as usual for the privileged.  Tell me, did it seem like a church to you?  Were you able to offer council to prostitute customers like David Vidder?


I don't know, but it seems to me that if Alan Grayson was found to have used prostitutes, you and your C Street buddies would be screaming bloody murder and looking for his scalp.  Kind of a different matter when its a Republican.  (Note to Heath:  You are a GD "Repuglican".  You lied to the constituents of your district when you told them you were a Democrat.  Of course lying is par for the course for Repuglicans and especially for C Streeters.

Ensign, Sanford, Pickering...  What with all the "boys-will-be-boys" behavior going on at C Street it must have been hard to find time to "STUDY" your Bible.

Perhaps you should put down your Bible and attend to the demands of your job.

Those demands do not include finding steeply subsidized housing where you can conspire to follow a right wing ideology.  You won as a Democrat, but you don't have the integrity to govern like one.  Switch parties and put us out of our misery.  Move from C Street or spend a month in jail.

Do something for your constituents.

Yours disgustedly,



P.S. Hey have you been working on President Obama's SOTU promise to provide parents with a $10,000 a year tax credit to send their kids to college?


NO, Why am I not surprised?  Well if Jesus prompts you to do something USEFUL, then that would be a real winner for YOUR constituents.

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