Blanche Lincoln Wins Primary Run-Off.

Progressives across the country are disgusted that this woman is rewarded despite her abysmal voting record and the fact the she is a corporate hack.  Remember, this is Progressives across the country.  Labor Unions despised this fake Democrat, who consistently let the party down.  She would be comfortable in a room with Lindsay Graham.  That's how duplicitous and fake she is.

Now we top that off with the White House virtually in glee over Blanche's win and essentially rubbing Labor's face in their loss.  Is there no end to your idiocy?  You insult your base.  You support Arlen Spector in Pa, despite the act that the people clearly wanted Sestak.  It's like a Democratic leader once said about Spector: : "He's always there when we don't need him".

ow we have BP continuing to deny plumes of Oil.  It's a lie, plain and simple.  An array of scientists as well as common damn sense lets you know that massive plumes are in the Gulf.  In fact these plumes would be even bigger if BP hadn't continually poured highly toxic dispersants on them.  Dispersants that are going to make this ecological holocaust even worse (if that is possible). It is also clear that BP is spraying large quatities of dispersants at the source hoping that the can keep a good percent of the oil from reaching the surface.  evry scientist says that the oil below th surface and i plumes is far more deadly than that that reaches the surface.  But we continue to let them do it.  Why is that?  Do you have the same miserable, corrupt, soulless goal as BP? Are you stupid?  Please tell me, tell the American public why you continue to let BP call the shots on this.
BRING SOMEONE ELSE IN.  Hell, the dreaded EXXON has the best safety record in the business, bring them in (You see, I am willing to face reality and adjust for I have not bought a penny of Exxon gas since the Valdez).
Get a Damn CLUE.
Your F'n up the 2010 & the 2012 elections.  You are verging on being co-conspirators with BP on this Gulf HOLOCAUST.
I am smarter than you people.  Go figure.

I read yesterday that the Justice Department has increased their Pot busts to unprecedented levels.  Well, good for you.  It is nice to have your F'n priorities straight.  Bust Pot Culture, but if you steal billions on Wall Street, no jail time.  Start two illegal wars, out a CIA Agent, rape the treasury and commit war crimes, not a problem.  Be a worldwide criminal enterprise that is obliterating our planet, then spent 50 million on advertising, look with pride on your 6.2 billion dollar first qtr earnings, and if your CEO Tony Hayward, sit down and have nice dinner with Thad Allen.  It wouldn't have occurred to Tony or Thad, but they could have said: "I wonder what the poor people are eating tonight"?
How many trash cans do you fill a day.  well this is just another message from a CRUSHED Progressive that voted for this President.  A President that looks more and more like George Bush every day.

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