Obama To Reverse Moratorium, Allow Oil Drilling Along Vast Stretches Of American Coastline "

What a bunch of SH@T.  WTF.
This is a policy designed to please whom?  Not the God Damn people that voted for you that's for sure.  Green Jobs my Ass.

What did we vote for?  Pointless.  Constant, never-ending moves to "APPEAL TO THE RIGHT".  What do you think this will do?  Good luck trying to court and harness that Tea Bagger vote.

Honestly, You people are so completely inept it is hard to stomach.  Are you totally incapable of governing in such a manner that it makes the people who VOTED for you proud?

Health Care Bill is so convoluted it practically encourages people to be against it.

IRAQ is an ongoing Folly.  A trillion dollars and 100,000s lives wasted for NOTHING.  Here's a policy: Throw the bastards that LIED us into this situation in JAIL were they belong

Afghanistan is the foreign policy version of the DRILL BABY DRILL idea.  Can't pursue policies that make sense.  Might make you look like your not MANLY enough.  The fact is that Afghanistan can't be "WON".  Ask the Russians.  They left with their tail tucked between their legs after a USA backed force led by Osama Bin Laden kicked their ass.
(In fact, Osama liked the USA then, because we had supported the efforts to remove the occupying Russian Forces.  Osama didn't get pissed at us until we reneged on a promise of aid to rebuild Afghanistan after the war with the Russians.  We can thank Bush I for that stupidity.  Osama is now irritated and looking for other things to get pissed about.  He needed to look no further than to the military presence that the USA had in Saudi Arabia.  He wanted those bases removed and he warned us that their would be a debt to pay if those bases were not removed.  Well we ignored that and guess what happened next?  --911-- Ironically around 2005 we did remove our troops.  Pathetic.)

WHY HAVEN"T YOU RAISED TAXES ON THE TOP 10%?  We need to do that.  Why haven't you done that. That dick Bush did his tax cuts with Reconciliation, so...

God this is a pathetic country.  We finally garner the votes for change and it is SQUANDERED.

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