Delete Dear Flying Dog,
That's easy. I would have begun a "Manhattan Style" project that would have insured that NONE of our Nuclear Plants were vulnerable to a similar attack. NONE! This would have been given an urgency unparalleled since said Manhattan Project. Any other reaction to the 9/11 attacks was ludicrous at best, and reveal the true motivations of those that undertook them (either that, or you believe them to just be plain stupid).

Second in importance would be "hardening" our ports. To this date, we have implemented no additional security at our ports. Want to bring a dirty bomb into this country? I suggest a port entry. In fact, the Greed Driven Cheney/Bush cabal even tried to turn over our Port operations to Dubai of all places until cooler Democratic heads prevailed. The same Dubai that is in economic turmoil today.

Third, I would reassess airport security. Minimum wage employees confiscating travel sized shampoos from Grandmothers, does not instill confidence.

The things we could have done to SECURE OUR COUNTRY here with the 3+ Trillion Dollars we have pissed away to Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe are immeasurable, and far fewer of our youth would have been blown to smithereens doing it. These would have been heroic tasks that REALLY made our country SAFER. Alas, however, perhaps Dick Cheney's pals would have made several billion less, but I tend to doubt it. They are a resourceful bunch, and a little REAL PATRIOTISM is not going to get between them and the stash of cash.

Anyway, How close do you want to live to the compromised Nuclear Plant?

Those are some of the things I would have done.

1) Keep the Bounty on Bin-Laden, but stay out of Afghanistan yourself. By being there you make him more of a nhero. By not being there he looks more like "CASH"!
2) I would have made it a hanging offense for manufacturing evidence to send us into IRAQ. How transparent was that grab for cash. But I guess Junior got to show daddy that his was "bigger". So therefore it follows, I wouldn't have gone into Iraq.

A truth is better than a thousand gold pieces, warm WanLiHan frost, Can deliver a salute, A sweet greetings to my mind, Madly busy days take good care of yourself and LuBao a way from the grasslands, A greeting, bring me fragrant smell. From the north of blessing, let me feel the p recious friendship.


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