McChrystal is sc()um for a wide variety of reasons (see Tillman).  As for him yakking, he did that on purpose to extricate himself from his own idiotic "counter-Insurgency" Strategy".  Two hours in a classroom with a good history professor would have scuttled that genius plan.
But alas, that is not the real plan.  The real plan is to properly divert funds.  That "proper diversion" is to Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe.  The question really isn't why aren't we out of Iraq/Afghanistan, the more salient question is why the hell aren't we out of Germany/Japan?  Same answer.  "Proper Diversion" of funds.
43% of your tax dollars, NOT AT WORK.  That's got more to do with your problem than brown people picking up your garbage.  But you keep voting for id()iots like McCain... and you get what you got.  So, quit your bitc()hin until you want to elect people like me who will start putting some ACTUAL criminals in jail (brown/black/yellow/white/or otherwise).

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