John, you can't see a connection between a fucked private economy, Ike's MIC/DOD partnership and the exploitation of America's youth for the Monetary benefit of those jackasses? Read a new book called "WAR" by Sebastion Junger (Movie is Restrepo), you will see that this is just a CASH COW for Cheney & Co. My Uncle was on Normandy. Normandy this isn't. These kids are grist and the jackasses that are exploiting them KNOW that anti-war protest will be met by screams of being unpatriotic.
Rat bastard Cheney got 5 deferments. Cindy Sheehan's kid is dead for nothing. These guys are war criminals and the troops are victims. The fact that Obama won't charge them for their obvious crimes speaks to the dangerous powers that pull the real strings in this country.

Hell, don't ask yourself why the troops aren't back from Iraq/Afghanistan, ask yourself why the troops aren't back from Germany/Japan. The answer is the same, and it has to do with the flow of money. And in this day and age when you speak about the flow of money, you are speaking of Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe.

Those assholes charge US $100 a gallon for gas over there, while they build sub-standard showering facilities that have killed our troops and fed them food with live maggots in in it. Privatization my ass. It's called price gouging, failure to live up to contractual obligations and manslaughter (and that ignores abu gharib). These jerks "representing" our country are thugs, and they give us all the mark of evil. If you were an Iraqi or an Afghan, what would you think?

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