etting: A Man's Watching CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Television (2008 Presidential Campaign)


1) Swooping Graphic - Wolf intones "Welcome to the Situation Room"

2) Our Guests today Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Barak Obama & Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain. Welcome Gentlemen.

3) Good to be with you Wolf.

4) Let's start with you Senator Obama. What do you have to say?

5) Well Wolf, "I'm a BLACK MAN"!

6) Wolf raises and eyebrow, pivots to the camera and switches eyebrows, then pivots to Senator McCain.

7) Well Senator McCain, you've heard what the Senator has to say, what do you have to say?

8) Well Wolf, "I'm a BLACK MAN"!

9) Wolf raises and eyebrow, pivots to the camera, switches eyebrows and says "Fascinating conversation gentlemen. That's all we have time for right now, but I am sure we will be returning to this topic in the weeks to come.

[Here Man Throws Show At TV]

10) Wolf INTONES: "This JUST IN. We have BREAKING NEWS."

11) Cue Giant Swooshing/Flashing Graphic "BREAKING NEWS"

12) Wolf Intones: We have breaking news that Ashton Kutcher has a new TWEET out stating that that Demi has, and I quote, "ONE FINE ASS". We'll be bringing you more of this story as it develops.


1) Will Rogers Funny/ Humorist (Not a Comedian)
2) Mark Twain Funny/Humorist (Not a Comedian)
3) Kathy Griffin Funny (sometimes) Comedian

Stephanie Miller Funny/Humorist (Not a Comedian

[CNN, Not News since the 1st Gulf War]

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