A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

1) Every state does have that well directed, well armed to their  teeth milita ready and willing to give there life p0ssibility of action in in Iran (soon) , Iraq, Japan, & South Korea  Did you know that we still have 180,000 people on Guam, the majority of which are armed men & women from the armed services..Once we invade a place, we have tendency never to leave,

Besides, we need to think about our founding fathers and they would have thought.  I mean to them was a To us it is an AK47 or a GLOCK or some other device that strikes fear to one that is being pointed.
WELL, I say that that this AK47 Glock crap is way out of line.  Make it Muskets.  Ever heard of a drive-by Musket shooting?  Neither have I.  The BEAUTY is that it follows the Constitution.  A document that George Bush one day said "Screw the Constitution".\

So carry on BIRTHERS..  Love that Constitution. Follow it.  Organize and buy Muskets.

Check out Obama's birth certificate.  And by the way,  Your taxes went up under Reagan, the deficit sky rocketed under Reagan.  What ballooned under Reagan was lying to the pubic.

George Bush Senior Raised taxes.

Clinton raised them an the National deficit went DOWN.  Economy Boomed Too)

George Junior arrived and WALL street was allowed to play unrestrained.  This larceny started in the Clinton administration, but those good old boys working for Bush really knew how to hone to a fine craft.

I like Ike.  He was extremely worried about the Military Industrial.  He warned us about the reach of the Military Complex.  He warned us of a Military budget that is twice as all the other nations of the world.  When I think of a man like of Eisenhower I think of a man that would have been very depressed by what he had accomplished in WWII.  Power and goodwill wasted in Korea.  Power and goodwill wasted in Korea.
Power to tackle our climate warming  with all the scientific knowledge we have at hand.  But, do we do that?  No, we have mmaroons running the show in Washington, DC,and bigger maroon in NY stealing with impunity.  Obama, Throw their asses in jail.  NOW

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