I was wondering if you were just a Dumb Ass


if you were an actual Jackass?

The other night you justified continued off-shore drilling by comparing our "accident" to a plane crash.  "You don't stop flying after a plane crash do you?"  Now Dave, the difference is that a plane crash is a singular event.  The crash happens and people are injured/die.  They don't keep dying for months and months and months.  Can you understand that difference?

Then you went on to say that this "accident" was an additional incentive to push for more Nuclear energy.  (That is Nuclear, not Nuculer).  Let's see, what if we had a little "accident" with a nuclear power plant?  Would that be like a plane crash too Dave?  Nothing too much to worry our little heads over?  Or would we be facing massive casualties and radiation exposures that would be crippling our population for years?
Huh, Which is it Dave?
Huh, Are you a dumb ass, or just a jackass?

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