He should veto this giant piece of craaap, because it is at east twice as large as it needs to be. Veto it and tell the military's lap dog Gates that it needs to be cut in half within 4 years. Then we will have to limp along with a DOD budget that is only as large as the next 8 countries combined. Oh, woe is our military. And woe are the cri()minal enterprises Halliburton and Blackwell.
Path()etic. Self serving Jer()()ks. Revolving door crime cloaked in the flag and fake patriotism. Hiding behind the lie of "Support our Troops".

Authority is a joke. It hides behind a curtain professing to hold knowledge, but in fact it is just an ignorant bully. Je()rks like these are the reason their should be an uprising and wealth should be REDISTRIBUTED down to people who contribute to this society.

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