You get a "win" with HC.  There is a momentary sigh of relief from those who voted for you and you immediately squander it with this bullshit drilling decision.

I guess Hemp was not an alternative fuel choice.  What a silly idea huh?  That would be like supporting drug use.

We voted for an end to 30 years of Repuglican Bullshit. (Clinton was Repug lite.  He gave us NAFTA and he deregulated the finance "industry" with the help of his corporate dick Rubin)
Do we get an end to 30 years of bullshit?  No, we get DRILL BABY DRILL.  I could have voted for Sarah and got this shit.
You don't have a GD clue how to interact with Repuglicans.  You take "Single Payer" & "Public Option" off the table before HC even begins.  Insane.  HC as passed is a gigantic piece of crap.  What we needed was "Medicare For All".  Explain it to the public and dare the Repuglicans to fight it.  But no, we give the bullies everything they want and then we are surprised when they are still jerks. "Medicare For All" could have been a 1 page bill signed into law a year ago.  BUT NO!

You promise $10,000 tax credits in your SOTU speech to help parents send their kids to college.  Do you include that promise in the HC Education addendum?  No.  What if my kid wants to be a teacher.  Their forced to run up $100,000 in debt.  How can you ever pay that off on a teacher's salary?  You could have done something meaningful with a tuition tax credit, but you ignored your promise.  Don't tout the genius of your Education Bill when it leaves out the one thing you promised.
You said something to the effect that you don't care if you are a 1 term President if you advance a progressive agenda.  Well good luck with that.  Your crap behavior is setting you up to be a 1 termer because you have screwed your base.
You people relentlessly make one bad decision after another.  Your first term will end and we will be let down.  You are behaving in a way that may crush the Democratic Party for at least another generation.  The right HATES YOU.  We supported you and who are you trying to placate?


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