So how are we not living under Corporate fascism?

"Michael Bloomberg: Leave BP Alone!"

Gosh Mike, thanks for weighing in.  The "Supreme Court" gives corporations person-hood, but apparently they are not responsible for their fuck ups.  How can that be?

Wealth distribution like we have here has historically fomented revolution.  Are we different?  Is the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands okay in 21st century America?

Is it okay that BP has possibly doomed our planet to MASS EXTINCTION?  (That includes People)  No more time to study, ponder, wonder, who's butt to kick.  Like FDR said DO SOMETHING.  Exxon, oddly enough, currently has the best safety record in the industry.  Freeze BP's Assets & Nationalize them.  WE DO NOT CARE IF THE RETHUGLICANS HOWL.  Do it by executive order.
Kick BP's ass out the door and bring in Exxon.

NO BAIL.  Do you get this?  This is CHECKERS, not CHESS.

Tell Thad, thanks for your time, here is your retirement watch.  He will kiss your feet.

Some scientists say that we are done.  That the crust is going to buckle under a massive gas explosion.  All of the oil will essentially be released at once.  My kid is finishing 11th grade.  Should he really worry about his final grades or is that a moot point at this state?  
Who knew?  Mass Extinction.  It will be frightening.  Of course the Rapture Idiots will say they told us so.  God will say, "look what they have done to the beautiful planet I gave them".


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