If the fine folks of La are against the moratorium, and they vote for moroons like pros()titute toe sucker Vitter and Landreau, then they deserve what they get.  If they want oil, they can have it.  Enjoy the clean-up, but leave us alone.  Interact with BP on your own.  Hell, you are fiercely independent, so have at it.  When you think about it, you should really just hitch your wagon to the Rick Perry train.  All of you Gulf states that hate the Gumment.  Go ahead and SECEDE.  We are sick of you.

Let such luminaries as Vitter, Landreau, Sender Shebby, Sender Seshuns, Haley BoreBore, and Sender Sucksby Shambles solve this problem for you.  Lyndon Johnson said when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed that the "South was Lost for a Generation".  Well, he was wrong.  We are plowing through are third generation now.

He said that because he understood racism.  Tea Bag = Racism.  Rand Paul = Racism.  Jan Brewer = Racism.

Reagan began the removal of your middle class status.  He doubled the debt.  He raised taxes on all but the top 5%.  He was responsible for the death of 350 marines in Beirut.  He thought he freed J ews from a concentration camp.  It was a movie.  He was a doddering idiot that at one point went to a cemetary in Germany and saluted the graves of German SS troops.  Yea, some hero you got there righties.

First Bush raised your taxes and raised the debt.

OOP,s Clinton gave Bush II a surplus while he lowered taxes.  Damn him.

Then we get the cream of the crop.  Doubled the debt, even though his illegal Trillion dollar wars were "off-Book".  How convenient.  He raised taxes on all but the top 5%.  He destroyed regulation hand over fist.  Notice that Wall Street meltdown?  Bush.  Noticed that Gulf Holocaust?  Bush.  
Oh, and 9/11 happened on his WATCH. Even though Clinton WARNED him.  You guys know how to pick them.

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