PLENTY OF MONEY for Haliburton/Blackwater/Xe & the Military Industrial Complex.  None for us suffering people.
We have exposed Nuclear Plants.  Exposed to any Terrorist that wants to fly a plane into one.  If we really wanted to defend ourselves, we might have started with that vulnerability.  Spending Trillions of dollars half way around the world is pointless if you have gaping holes at home.

Oh those funding priorities.  I thought I voted for something that would change that.  Now I think nothing can change that.  Hate is winning.  Perhaps Hate has won.

President Eisenhower warned us about Evil People like Dick Cheney.  He saw the ways of that evil, and he tried to save us before he was gone.  It was to late.  It's a Business Plan now.  A very successful Business Plan.  Wrap the grist for this War Mill in a Stars & Stripes Banner and destroy the private economy and we have a permanent mechanism to continue the concentration of power into the top 1% of the population.

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