There is no end to the disappointments this administration has brought to me. I'm 53. I should have known better. It is all part of a large socio-economic-MIC-DOD lie. We were naive to think that the celebration for Barak would bring change.

Check for me. Are there still troops in Germany? Then don't expect them back from Iraq/Afghanistan anytime soon.

Tony Hayward in jail? No, but thousands upon thousands of pot smokers are jailed every year.

The beat goes on. Now KENT CONRAD thinks Bush's Tax Cuts are just Peachy. The two worst economic calamities in the last 50 years are called Reagan Tax Cuts & Bush Tax Cuts.
If you "compromise" on this Barak, I predict insurrection. We have been fucked one too many times by the "born to power" jerk offs that run this country (By now you have discovered that you don't run it. Hell, you barely have influence). We not only want them to EXPIRE we want a reparations Tax to partially make-up for the misery these pitiful slime have brought upon this country. WE DEMAND IT!
Kent Conrad. Go Fuck Yourself. Enough is Enough.

Barak, if the words compromise even approach your lips, you will be casting this country onto the permanent dung-heap. The Neo-Cons have everything that they dreamed of, but now that they have it, they are dreaming bigger. A permanently disabled private economy is a constant grist for their WAR MILL. It is their cycle. They are parasites. Eisenhower knew it. He told you. You may be the last that can act, or it may be too late. Either way, the choice is clear, you try to stop this madness. YOU TRY, and that does not start with more TAX FUCKING CUTS for the RICH.
You have allowed FOX NEWS to run the agenda so effectively, that the majority of Americans think they are WORSE OFF then they were 2 years ago. That is quite a feat.
Send my regards to idiots like Geithner, Summers, Axelrod, & Emmanuel. Quite a trick.

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