With all due respect JJ - Don't obfuscate the FACT that Lebron & his pals are not swimming in an actual "Free Market System".  That may not bother you, but it bothers me.  There would not be 100 million dollar contracts for players and publicly built arenas that the PUBLIC has no ability to attend without massive Corporate tax welfare.  

These are massively large corporate welfare programs that benefit both greedy owner & players alike.  I don't need Ed Schultz talking about "Free Markets" & JJ talking about slavery & racism, when the whole system is scamming this country.

It sure isn't Lebron's fault, but he is participating in an apartheid like system just as well as the head of Goldman/Sachs is (while claiming he is doing the Lord's work).  The evil is lying below this controversy, & JJ, ES, Lebron, the Media & mo()ron sports fans aren't helping.  But if you need a family value comparison tool, then ask yourself why a Teacher makes in a year what Lebron makes in 5 minutes?

You could ask Lebron our Cleveland's je()rk owner to lend you a quarter.  They couldn't/wouldn't.  They don't carry cash.  Cash is for chumps.

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