Phil Griffin,
You want to fire a talented professional like David Shuster.  You have dicked around with him for over 2 years yet he continues to perform admirably for your network.
On the other hand you leave that boorish piece of crap Joe Scarborough in place.  If there is anybody on his show that he disagrees with he talks right over them while claiming that he "doesn't do Crossfire".  (Hey, wasn't that a CNN show?)  Naughty Joe.
If you want to talk ethics, ask Joe why he quit Congress within days of a dead intern showing up in his office.  Your such a moral guy I'm sure you'll want to get to the bottom of that.

As for David, quit dicking around with him.  Give him the 10:00 slot.  Real stations don't repeat shows every other hour.  Also we DO NOT NEED any more Prison shows on the weekend.  Again, real networks don't do that.  Are you clueless about your job?  It seems that way.

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