Note: I voted for Obama.

Now we have to listen to Gibbs feed us a complete slimy load of bullshit about the Feds response to this unprecedented tragedy.  A tragedy that could have easily been avoided if BP had been required to drill this well with a minimum level of appropriate regulations.  Regulations that were stripped by Dick Cheney and his Halliburton & BP cronies.
We knew that these regulations were not in place yet we sat on our ass for 34 days so far. 34 god damn days of letting BP run the show.  We've had to listen to reports where BP was not allowing the Coast Guard/White House to see video of the disaster as it played out.  (They weren't letting US?  WTF is that?)BP consistently lied about the amount of oil spewing from this disaster.  They consistently underplayed the amount.  Best estimates now say that the equivalent of one Exxon Valdez was spewing every four days.
Tony Hayward has been a complete jerk and Salazar is a cover your ass apologist.
Obama, if your kids and dog were run over and killed by a drunk driver would you let that drunk driver undertake the investigation?  I think not.  But alas, that is what we have let BP do.  Chat all you want, but the facts show that you have sat back and watched the oil spew.  Yippee, now we have a commission run by two politicians.  We all know how effective that is.
We need a group of Scientists that are not indentured to BP to tackle what just may be an unsolvable problem.  But at this point we have pretty much shown that BP can't fix and worse they (Tony Hayward) don't seem to give a shit.
BP should immediately be Nationalized and all their assets should be frozen.  Hayward and his smug corporate underlings should immediately be taken into custody and sent to the Hague for crimes against the globe.
If your new conservative buddies in Britain don't like it then shut down their embassy and freeze their assets.  It's time to take off the gloves.  This is 34 days after Obama should be finessing the issue.  This is NOT a time for finesse.  It is a time to throw down the gauntlet and put the fear of god into the corporate criminals and their pencil-necked smug leader Tony Hayward.
But don't send Gibbs out to lie to us.  It is insulting.

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