Elaine, are you more than the average politician? I have a Masters degree in Econ. Guess what? The Reagan, Bush I, Bush II Tax Cuts are a lie. They have decimated this country. IKE was a CONSERVATIVE. GOLDWATER was a CONSERVATIVE (The last). He hated Ronald Reagan because he saw the LIE. He saw the appropriation of the term conservative, but he knew it was a LIE. Don't dare call the them CONSERVATIVES (I wish). They are the evil side of the Class War that Warren Buffet said is being waged and won by his side. You can call them the "right" (quotes demanded).

Will you bring the troops home from within 6 months from -- Germany? Why Not? Japan? Why Not? There are a list of 131 more countries before you even get to IRAQ/Afghanistan. Will you go through that list and start bringing those troops home now? Right NOW? My Uncle was on D-Day. We won that war. The Germans have stood-up, we can stand-down. We are still there for One reason and one reason only. IKE warned us. We ignored him. IKE never lost a ground troop, never gave up an inch of land. He KEPT the peace. He was NOT weak. It is hard to KEEP the peace. We are there because it makes Military Contractors RICH. PERIOD. PERIOD. Will you put an end to that?

If when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, what would we, as a nation have thought if FDR attacked, say SPAIN?

What if 14 Saudis attack us (no Iraqis, No Afghans) & we invade them, not Saudi Arabia?

Would it be hard for a Saudi Terrorist to fly a plane into one of our Nuclear Plants? Could Trillions of dollars been spent:
1) "Manhattan Projecting"/"Space Racing Defense" all of our Nuclear Plants?
2) HARDENING PORT SECURITY (our port security is the same as it was on 9/11 if not weaker) Hell, Bush tried to turn it over to the now economically unstable Dubai - That would have been another insane example of the mantra that "out-sourcing" is good. You can not "out-source" our nation's security. That is a fact Ms. Marshall. Can you fix that? Can you see to it that our Trillions aren't pissed away on Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe, but actually make US safer? Can you?

3) Airport security is a charade. Know one will admit it. Stopping little old ladies with travel shampoos using minimum wage "out-sourced" employees is not security. It is the lie IKE warned about. Can you fix that? The "right" has lied to us. Remember, no CONSERVATIVES have existed in politics since Barry Goldwater died. Goldwater hated Ronald Reagan because he recognized the LIE. He recognized the Tax Cut Lie. He recognized the pandering to the right. He said that you could say "Ronald Reagan spent money like a drunken sailor, but that would be an insult to drunken sailors". That is what a real CONSERVATIVE saw & knew. The Tax cuts were a lie & they created the deficit which is real. Haves / Have Nots.

4) BUSH I - Gave back a centimeter, but when you've taken a yard, that is hard to notice. The "right" didn't care. To them he had "RAISED" their taxes. Not to be forgiven. They burned him at the stake, and we were given Clinton. What to do said the "right". They knew not what. Bill is smarter than Newt. Bill maneuvered Newt into a real Tax increase on those a$$holes that had been robbing this country since Ronald Reagan. They screamed it would kill the economy. They were wrong and/or they were liars. I think most were just liars. They know. They Knew. The didn't care. They don't care. It IS class warfare, and they want their side to CRUSH!

5) Clinton having maneuvered, what the "right" is forced to refer to as their "intellectual", (Newt), proceeds to bring about a phenomenal economic recovery. No one could have thought it possible. Getting rid of deficit spending? Impossible. Paying down the National Debt? Impossible. In fact, the "right" didn't want these "good" things to happen to the country, because it isn't about the country, it is about the Class War, and now they were losing. BIG TIME. What to do? Monica Lewinsky (magical fairy dust sound). At this point Newt was getting his MEMBER served as well, so he had to fall silent. Step up Ken Starr & let the pillaging begin. But it didn't matter to the economy. Largest surpluses ever. As far as the eye could see.

5b) Clinton appendix - The only devil in the Clinton situation was in some little tiny details. Clinton had let a guy named Richard Rubin start to draw up the new rules for WALL STREET, and as time played out that was going to be bad. REALLY BAD. We could also talk NAFTA here, but you get my point, Clinton is not walking on water, but he is a damn good swimmer. (How are we doing Ms. Marshall? Are you taking note(s)? You have to read it back ward, but the story is here. Do you get it?)

Meanwhile Clinton has done some really good work on the anti-terrorist front. He has arrested and prosecuted the 1st WTC bomber. In civilian Courts. In NYC. No one complained then. He wasn't BLACK. He had even put a dossier together on a guy named Bin Laden. He knew that Bin Laden was mad at us because Bush I left him at the proverbial alter in Afghanistan in his victory over the Russians, and he knew Bin Laden was scheming an actual plot to fly PLANES INTO BUILDINGS. He turned the giant surpluses, Peace, & detailed intelligence dossier over to...

6) Well, because we have an ACTIVIST 'RIGHT" COURT, W. W was granted the Presidency in a bloodless coup d'etat. As a result, W, one of the dumbest, most intellectually lazy, cocky, loser jackasses, that ever walked this earth "takes" the reins. But he doesn't want them. He doesn't care. Winning and being a nickname doling out smart-ass is all he cares about. Read? He doesn't do that. Make it a few paragraphs long, and you tell me what I think is the modus operandi.
Cheney now has what he had planned for. Condaleeza can take that dossier that warns about Bin Laden, and at best scoff at it. They don't care. This isn't about the country. This is about class warfare, and they had just kicked some ass.
Then, a momentary blip in confidence. 9/11. The President is frozen in time with Andy Card imploring him to LOOK PRESIDENTIAL. It takes a couple of days in the bunker with CHENEY, RUMSFELD, WOLFOWITZ, FEITH, and the plan is set. The die is cast. Their "permanent" victory is assured.

7) The plan: the mythical "War on Terror". You can get anything you want with a "War on Terror" ANYTHING. And they didn't want Safe Nuke Plants. They didn't want Safe Ports. They didn't even really want Safe Airports. They wanted "reasons" to engage in fake conflicts with fake names like "War on Terror". There is no such thing Ms. Marshall. You can't wage war on a tactic. So our "team", with a frightened nation and lying pols like Rudy & W holding bullhorns, sent our kids off to die in Spain, I'm sorry, I mean Iraq & Afghanistan. 14 Saudi's and we chase 1 guy because he might be in the Afghan Mountains and then we conflate that into our real goal for monetary flow control, an invasion of IRAQ. Side benefit for W, who is barely paying attention, he gets to show daddy that his is bigger.

7b) Now the money starts to flow unimpeded to our out-sourced "defense network". The one that IKE said would be our downfall. They go by many names. Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe & others we haven't heard. But they reside under the control of no country. They leech this country's wealth. They drive the sword farther into what will soon be the corpse of the American middle class. They twist it & they call it PATRIOTISM. (Vomit) May God have mercy on your soul(?) Mr. Cheney.
Who will say enough? Who will bring troops home from Germany?...... Who will say with courage that a National Budget that is sucked dry to the tune of over 43% labeled as non-discretionary Defense spending is MORALLY & FISCALLY WRONG. It is anti-CONSERVATIVE. Will you say that Ms. Marshall? Or are you just looking for a job?

8) Ms. Marshall. I, and a small group of smart 6th graders, could sit in a room for an afternoon and solve this country's budgetary woes and embark us on a real course to National Security & Energy Freedom. I'm not joking. Do you want that to happen, or are you just running for a job? Because working at the margins is too late. As I mentioned, the American middle Class is almost a corpse. Wall Street is an internalized version of Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe. They have a new toy to turn into a Middle -Class killing machine during the 2000s. Generically we can just agree to call it the Derivatives Market. It is evil. That Rubin guy under Clinton, he started this evil, along with his doltish yet professorial co-conspirator Alan Greenspan. While Cheney, et al crushed from one side, these fellas were crushing from the other. All the while the head of Goldman Sacks could call it the "Lord's Work". Are you going to stop that Ms. Marshall, or are you just applying for a job?

9) As I see it from here, the only one with any moral compass on the Hill/WH is Elizabeth Warren. Would you support an army of Ms. Warrens to take this COUNTRY TO WHERE IT BELONGS? Or are you just applying for a job?
We take Shirley Sherrod & we let FOX dictate her firing. We take Van Jones & we let FOX dictate his firing. We let ACORN, who within minutes of those Tea Party scam artists leaving their building, were on the phone to report them to the police and we let FOX dictate their dismantling.

10) We let BP attack our country. They publicly agree to escrow 20 Billion, which they have not done so far, they get to write it off as a Tax loss and Today they say they can start ramping DOWN the clean-up. Would you let that behavior stand or would you pour resources into arresting someone who might be smoking a joint around the corner from the Ingle's grocery store? (Same Priority?) [I ask because Eric Holder has tripled Pot Related prosecutions.] Would Tony Hayward be in prison right now, or just Lindsay Lohan?
It looks as if BP helped engineer the release of the Lockerbie bomber terrorist (270 dead) to secure an oil lease. The British PM says it is up to BP to divulge any info they may have about that (Barak stands by quietly as this atrocity escapes the British PM's lips) Is that okay with you Ms. Marshall, or are you just applying for a job?

10b) If police suspected Jeffrey Dahmer of killing mutilating and eating his victims would you be okay with an approach that had the police say to Jeffrey: We smell those funny smells, but we are going to let you put a report together and get back to us with any information you may have about these missing people. Would that be appropriate police behavior Ms. Marshall, or would you expect something a tad more proactive? To me it sounds like the British PM's approach to BP (with a quiet Barak standing near by). Would these things be okay with you Ms. Marshall, or are you just applying for a job?

11) Your picture shows a smiling nice lady. I want IKE & FDR. I want a hero. Barak was supposed to be my hero. That has not worked out. Are you here to work at the margins and seek the mythical center, the mythical bipartisanship (that drew its final breath in 2000 all though it had been weak for years).


I wanted a hero. I got Barak. Are you here to be a hero, or are you just looking for a job?

12) FDR, That's a Hero for MY SIDE of the CLASS STRUGGLE. The side that has been getting its ass kicked for 31 straight years now. I want that kind of hero again:

12b) FDR at the 1936 Convention:
"For nearly four years you have had an Administration which instead of twirling its thumbs has rolled up its sleeves. We will keep our sleeves rolled up.We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace—business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.I should like to have it said of my first Administration that in it the forces of selfishness and of lust for power met their match. I should like to have it said of my second Administration that in it these forces met their master."

If you are going to DO THIS kind of stuff, HIRE ME I'll help. If you are just applying for a job, well, God save us - you are better than Mr. Burr so you will have my vote. I hope you consider this as a time where around the edges isn't going to cut it. Where being FOX bullied is not going to cut it. Look Ms. Marsall, there's the precipice.

Good Luck to us A...ll, Paul LaDue "in Asheville"

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