Roberts mentioned "Balls & Strikes".  That was a bald faced lie.  You corporate lackeys just follow their agenda.  You are activist jackasses for the corporate elites.
Clarence Thomas has never, never, never, never opened his mouth to ask a question.  Never.  He's an intellectually bankrupt sex offender according to Anita Hill, and I BELIEVE Anita Hill.  Clarence just asks that snide jerk Antonin how to vote and that's what he does. Yes sir Mr. Antonin. Yes Sir.  Thank you sir.  Then its off to officiate at RUSH LIMBAUGH'S wedding.  Well I guess we no why that invitation occurred.
Roberts, I wish you nothing but ill health.  You lied to the American People and you are Corporate Activist Scum.
May the 5 of you go to hell.

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