President Obama,
Get off your ass and engage in this OIL SPILL.  This is actual TERRORISM.  Not some bullshit bomb in Time Square.  This is GLOBAL TERRORISM which is going to destroy our planet.  BP is a criminal terrorist organization.  We are coddling them.  When their CEO was in our country he should have been arrested him and tossed in a cell with ankle locks and a pot to crap in.  We should have put out a statement that when the well was capped and gulf was cleaned we would release this criminal back to his homeland.
Nationalize BP.  Kick their asses out of our hemisphere.  Tell the right wing jerks in Britain that just formed their cute little coalition government to stuff it up their arses.  We are Nationalizing their GD company and condemning them and asking for a criminal trial at the Hague for crimes against the world.
You got a better idea?  If so try not to take another GD month to implement it.  Once again you lose another piece of your base as you grovel to the corporate right.
Like Sarah says, maybe that "Hopey Changey" thing ain't working out so well.  It's like you want to lose the 2012 election.  Any chance of that?

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