"Do Nothing
THE best thing to do in response to the Gulf spill’s landfall is ... nothing. Sure, larger oil concentrations can be sopped up, and large animals can be cleaned. But cleanup efforts can do only so much: evidence suggests that they reduce hydrocarbon concentrations only over the short term. And many responses have harmful side effects. Controlled burning spreads toxic materials and kills plants that retard erosion, thus hurting the very lands we’re trying to protect. Nutrient-rich detergents or active bioremediation — which encourages the growth of bacteria that can break down oil — can fundamentally disturb the ecological balance for decades.

Instead, we should recognize that nature can do many things far better than we can, and with less collateral damage. Oil is a natural byproduct of biological and geological processes; if left alone in coastal environments, wave action, the sun and microbes in the sediment will naturally break down hydrocarbons. Meanwhile, money saved can go to helping local economies deal with the loss of income, improving safety regulations and enforcement and developing a clean energy policy. -- KEVIN M. YEAGER, assistant professor of marine sciences at the University of Southern Mississippi."

You are an idiot.  Here is the quote that is most full of shit: "Oil is a natural byproduct of biological and geological processes".  Who are you, fkn Haley Barbour.  Gosh, I wonder who you voted for.  Piss is NATURAL too.  Would you like me to piss in your eye?  That's how much sense the "natural byproduct" BS makes.

So you teach .  Heaven help us.


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