La. If you insist on supporting politicians that care about big oil and union busting than you will get politicians that don't give a sheet about you choking on oil. You want GUMMANT off your back, you got it. You want Cheney's deregulation, you got it.

So why are you beeching about Obama not being there? You supported the stealing of the election in 2000, and this is what you get. How's that Republican vote working out for you. Mary Landreau & David Vitter sucking at the Oil teat. Vitter chasing prostitutes, Great. You guys have those good southern morals, but oddly enough it looks like he is still your man. BP did this to you. BP did this to you. BP did this to you. Got it? FACE A FACT.

So what are your law enforcement officers doing? Arresting Greenpeace workers. You people are truly ignorant. How about taking a ship out and arresting Tony Hayward? That ever dawn on you. God your pathetic.

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