What to do:

1) Freeze GD BP Assets NOW!
2) Nationalize BP Now!
3) lace all BP executives in the USA in Jail
4) Demand that Britain extradite Tony Hayward and BP executives to the USA NOW.
5) Lacking that demand that they be sent to the Hague for crimes against the PLANET.
6) If Britain refuses, close British embassy and expel all British citizens from the country.
(either Britain cooperates or they don't).
7) Subpoena Dick Cheney and all participants in "Secret Oil" meetings in 2001.  Prosecute accordingly.
8) Bring non-BP experts in to solve this problem.

The time is now Obama.  You are either for people and our planet, or you are for multinational oil companies.  BP has no right to extract oil from our country and give themselves 62 Billion dollars profit in the first quarter.  Can you do the right thing Obama?

There voluminous quantities of good ideas out their.  All ideas that BP has refused to even consider as they continue to try to cover their ass.  JAIL  JAIL  JAIL.  You put people in prison for smoking a joint, yet these world criminal are free to ride in the back seat of their limos.  Explain that to me.

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