Al Queda attacked our shores with oil.  We sat on our ass.  Think about it.


Trillions spent spinning after our tails in IRAQ & Afghanistan to please the following "NEOCON Folks"

1) George Bush
2) Dick Cheney
3) Pick an ego driven set of moron Neo-Cons
   a) Rumsfeld
   b) Wolfowitz
   c) Feith
   d) Yoo
   e) Kristol (NONE MORE STUPID)
   f) Bolton
   g) Scheunemann
   h) Frum
   i) and on & on & on

The Group is united by a few overriding principles that include:
1) Narcicissim
2) Delusion
3) Lack of Empathy
4) 1 World View ("Ours")


The fake "wars" will end.  They have served their purpose:
1) Permanent state of fear in the population (just like the Cold War).  People are much more malleable that way.
2) The "Mighty Mississippi" beds of rivers will have been constructed.  Through these permanent beds the money will gush endlessly, like OIL in the Gulf (different chapter of the same story).
3) Poised at the delta of these mighty CASH RIVERS will be the Supertankers.  The Supertankers of Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe or whatever moniker these criminal enterprises have adopted this week.
4) Fake Patriotism & Ignorance will continue to whittle & hone the greed machine until it is perfect.  The wealth of a nation crammed into the upper 2% of the population, the left there merely as fodder to grease the machinery.

I've got an idea let's call it Democracy & couch it in the "holy veil" of Christianity.

Then, hopefully, God can send the 2% on an express ticket to hell.

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