Rachel Maddow Matters! (or RM, The Light That Shines!) - Go Blog Yourself by PlayDue
There is a guy on Facebook that finds me irritating. We'll call him Luke.

Luke is not a complicated guy. He is, I imagine, confident in appearance, witty & urbane as well as a joy to have at parties in order to stir the mix. His views, and... strident statements thereof, seem to me, to be borne of past pains. To a large extent all of ours are just that way. Luke will tell you he is just stating the facts, and if you can't handle the facts than you are either stupid or naive. Luke is nothing if not benevolent in declaring these truths FOR you. He is relieving you of the need to embark on a tiresome and fruitless journey to seek a "truth" that is different than Luke's view of truth. What does Luke feel? Luke feels lonely. Luke feels alone. If Luke can convince you that the journey IS fruitless, then you won't embark. Luke won't feel as alone.

All that mumbo jumbo above is saying is that Luke has given up. He rests upon a particular point in two-dimensional space. He adamantly adheres to his position on the two-dimensional compass and insists that the views from there represent the truth. I too am often on a given point in our two-dimensional space and I too feel like it is hopeless, but then I see something that is plainly WRONG. I want to move to a place on the two-dimensional compass where seeing evil, speaking about evil, speaking to evil and acting against evil will bring about meaningful change in people's lives. Changes that aren't temporary fixes, although those are needed, but changes that cause the domino you have have positively toppled to positively topple some other domino long after you have disembarked. Changes that help place you in one of the better seats of not only 3rd-Dimension space, but also 4th and beyond.

I find myself constantly rolling around the edge of the two-dimensional compass seeing things from alternate perspectives, but I feel I have a moral compass that sends out strong (hopefully) signals when it sees evil and it shows me a path not only away, but a path that can illuminate for others as well. Some people have done that for me and I am so indebted to them. Every time I weep (usually surreptitiously) it is not just from regret it is also from the joy that people can bring to others by what amounts to the buttressing of souls. Luke seeks buttressing through baseball, but he needs others to comment on the importance of the next crack of he bat. I need others to tell me that the third, 4th and... dimensions of "existence" matter and that I can help make them better by seeking, learning, cajoling, cursing and doing.

For me, one's views on Rachel Maddow are a bell weather. If, as Luke has stated, Rachel is no different, better or worse, than the hacks at Fox news, then you have lost me. I must minimize potential two-dimension orbital interaction. You are making a purposeful push to adhere ME to YOUR fixed position on the two-dimensional compass. The position that requires scorn or derision for those scouring the haystack for missing hope. I can't do that.

Rachel Maddow is clearly a shining light pointing into the cave and trying to help us find a pathway that leads not only herself through the surrounding despair, but also makes others lift their eyes to see a way forward toward hope and away from misery. She also carries the light that shines back at evil and looks to blind them in their dogged pursuit of holding others back, for their own purposes, in the mire.

FOX is IN the Mire. FOX IS the MIRE. Republicans are in the MIRE. "Tea Partiers" are in the MIRE. They are lonely. The are alone. They scratch and claw to drag more and more of us into the MIRE with them. We must resist and if it is possible, we must drag some FROM the MIRE. But not at the risk of falling back. Too much has been risked to fall back now. Too much has been gained to fall back now.

If Luke & FOX are trapped in the MIRE then shed a tear, but preserve your focus for the light ahead and for those like Rachel Maddow and others that wish to guide us willfully, spiritually and knowledgeably forward.

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