Ronald Reagan, Worst President of my Lifetime.

He gets bonus points for having spawned the Bushes.  No Reagan, no Bushes.

There is a great story about GHWB after Carter won the election in 1976.  GHWB traveled to Plains to meet with Carter.  He wanted Carter to leave him as the head of the CIA.  He told Carter not to worry, that he did not have his own agenda.  He would do what Carter wanted him to do.  He was a "company guy".
Well, Bush left and Carter recalls feeling that Bush was kind of pathetic and that he didn't have a belief system of his own.  So, as we know, Carter did not give him the job.  In retrospect, that was probably bad for Democrats, because if he had been Carter's CIA guy, Reagan in all likelihood would not have picked him as his running mate.  And so on...
Well, Carter was wrong.  The Bushes have a belief system.  It is called power and money.  Any way you can get it.
Their was also a great HERBLOK cartoon in the Washington Post in 1980 when Reagan picked Bush as his running mate.  The cartoon showed Bush on the ground repeatedly kissing Reagan's shoes while he said: Thank You,  Thank You,  Thank You,  Thank You,  Thank You.

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