Was the Tillman Family invited? This a()$$ should have been busted.

BTW, our military is always pandered to as the "best & brightest". The facts are that a good percent have dropped out of high school, are facing flunking out, and/or are in trouble with the law. Getting murdered because Cheney/Bush are lying greedy bas()tards does not make one a... See More hero. It makes one a victim. Stanley was as scu()mmy as they come.

Barak is complicit as long as he maintains these policies that are based purely on self aggrandizement & greed, General Betrayus is just another in a long line ready to suck the marrow from the skeletal structure of this country. Suck harder Betrayus, there is less to be found as your DOD budget (43%) is milking us to our knees. 43%, larger than all other nations combined. The DOD to MIC contracting revolving door is going to spin off its access you anti-patriots. Then what??

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