Jimmy Carter tried and if we had followed we would be weened off foreign oil and cars would be getting over 100mpg.  But people wanted the lie that was "Morning in America" and the purveyor of that lie Ronald G+D Reagan Ronald wanted corporate profit and the destruction of the middle class.  That destruction carried through every President since (including and especially the Clintons.  It all culminated in a man that is the antithesis of a patriot, John McCain.  I know its not  politically correct to say this, but this man and his three crashed planes, has done more to undermine and destroy this country since Jefferson Davis.  JOHN MCCAIN IS THE ANTI-PATRIOT.  He has brought us the Maroonic chant of Drill-Baby-Drill and the desire for our politicians to be "stupid".  He let George W. Bush adopt the "stupid" posture in 2000 and he has given us the ultimate "stupid" politician that is Sarah Palin.

Drill Baby Drill is blood on your hands Sarah.  It is the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people while you wave the phony flag of patriotism (as we know: Patriotism is The Last Vestige Of A Scoundrel).

Now we sit on the precipice of the worst natural disaster ever.  EVER.  Do we hear Sarah talking Drill-Baby-Drill now?  No we don't.  We have dragged out that chestnut, "DEATH PANELS".

Surely there is a special place in hell for people like you.  And surely they are covered in flaming oil.

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