Our war is in the Gulf of Mexico, where 1 Valdez is spewing out every 4 days.  In all likelihood, the Gulf of Mexico is dead.  If the oil rounds the Florida Keys, and gets into the Gulf Stream, I fear that life on the planet will become unsustainable rapidly.  The world can only be as healthy as its oceans.
So, on the odd chance that it is not too late, can we not re-frame the real battle?  We must nurture this planet soon or we won't need to worry about medicare or social safety nets or Wall Street or Tiger Woods or Justin Bieber or whether the next tour will be the Stones last or...
None of that will matter unless we decide to spend our money on what matters.  And 2 things that DON'T matter are Iraq & Afghanistan.  So, let's cut that bloated military budget in half and start taking CARE of things.

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