Isn't that "BIG" of TIMMY?

How generous of the poor & middle-class folks of this country to have carried these lazy suited slobs all these years. These scum have taken this country for a ride for over 30 years, and now they are bitching that their God/Bush Given Tax Cuts are being stolen from them. What Gaul. What Bullshit.

Not only should they EXPIRE TIMMY, they should be hit with a stiff increase to help make up for the bottomless pit of misery they have thrown the middle-class into. Heaven help those that were already poor, for they are destitute and often homeless.

I have met many Vets that are suffering from PTSD and are living hand to mouth on the streets, or, if they are lucky, in a shelter from night to night. This in a country where a fat-assed chickenhawk blowhard like Rush Limbaugh can spend a MILLION God Damned dollars on the band for his 4th wedding. (Family-Values my Ass)

This in a country where WAR CRIMINALS named Cheney/BUSH have walked away unscathed from the explicit treachery that they brought to our nation. Swell, Holder is cracking down on POT 'God Damned' SMOKERS, but these actual criminal bastards take a walk. Lindsay Fricking Lohan gets more jail time than Cheney/Bush. And you TIMMY, from your perch, deem that their precious TAX CUTS should be ALLOWED to EXPIRE. FUCK You TIMMY. FUCK You Larry. FUCK You Rahm. FUCK You David.

In April, if I had walked up to the Gulf of Mexico with a quart of oil in my hand and poured it in while a police officer watched me, my sorry ass would have been in jail before you could count to ten. As it should have been. Meanwhile, Tony Hayward's motley bunch destroys an entire OCEAN (& throws poisonous dispersants on top of it in an attempt to hide the extent of their incalculable crime) and he gets to go off and sail his fucking yacht. Do you sense a logical disconnect here boys & girls?

You people in the White House have abandoned the very people who slapped your asses where you find them today. You pander to the RIGHT for God's sake, treating those that brought you to the dance as merely a "safety" in case things don't work out at the bar's last call.

Barak, you stood there while British PM Sloane slimily put forth that it was "up to BP to divulge any information they might have concerning their involvement in the freeing of the Lockerbie Bomber". Are you kidding me? That is like saying Jeffrey Dahmer is responsible for owning up to killing & eating his victims. No investigation needed here Mr. Dahmer. We're going to leave it all up to you. Get back to us with your findings. Well, in any event, I'm sure Mr. Sloane's remarks brought comfort to the families of the 270 dead. We'll wait for BP to give us the head's up on that "internal probe".

That brings me back to Tony Hayward & how we have bowed and scraped to BP's every whim since this PREDICTABLE SHIT happened. Thad Allen is a national embarrassment. Ken Salazar is bought and paid for by corporate interests. Janet Napalitano is apparently in the witness protection program.

But you know, I think back upon the example of me being jailed for pouring 1 QUART of oil in the Gulf and can't help but wonder why Tony Hayward did not suffer a similar fate? I've heard that there were real questions about whether or not any charges were applicable or if indeed they would "stick" as they say. Well, in my example, that wasn't pondered so much. Off to jail for me and we'll let the legal system take its course. I think it should have been the same for our good friend Tony, because you know, in my opinion, what Tony Hayward and BP have done to this Country makes 9/11 look like a blip in time. This atrocity is in all likelihood PERMANENT. Cheney/Bush conflated it into a "War on Terror", but you & I know there is know such thing. You can't have a war on a tactic. You don't invade a country because 1 guy that used a particular tactic MIGHT be there. That is, as they say, a load of poo.

So, a judge should have been acquired by Mr. Holder, and Mr. Hayward should have been placed in jail. The conditions would be:
1) No Bail (Possible Negotiation of $100,000,000 in Bail up front CASH/Liquid Holdings to be controlled by the U.S.A. for War Reparations on our Country.)
2) Absent that General Population (No Special Treatment - Facility in La - Any questions to be handled by means of an "Internal Probe" as per PM Sloane's suggestion in the Lockerbie incident.)
3) These cases can take months if not years to come to trial, so Mr. Hayward will be allowed visitation privileges like all his fellow inmates.
4) Absent the $100,000,000 bail BP will be required to establish $20,000,000 in a manner similar to its current design, but it will be managed completely outside the auspices of BP. BP will be doing the requesting, not the allocating. IS THAT CLEAR?

The bottom line, is that this country needs to be made whole again, and it is to be done by the top 5% this time, not the bottom 95%. You may consider it an undue burden, but your refusal to get off your gravy train and help this country will not be met kindly this time. I implore you to come to your senses. If you make a million dollars a year, try to think of ways you can cut corners and live on $950,000.

For our Defense Department. Well, you suck us dry for 43% of our budget every God Damned year, and you have the audacity to call it "non-discretionary". Bull Shit! It is DISCRETIONARY as hell. If we spend more than all the other countries on Earth combined, I say we can find a thing or two to cut. Here we go. I'll give you an easy one. Bring the troops back from Germany & Japan. Stop paying the "Private Contractors" Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe to leech the wealth of our nation. They charge us over $100 dollars a gallon for gas in Iraq. We should make a better deal.

Here's another really easy one. Are you retired military or member of Congress? Well good for you. Collect that retirement pay and head on home, because you will NOT be allowed to lobby anywhere on the Pentagon or the Hill or with any of their sub-contractors. That revolving door will be SEALED shut. You claim you are just here to serve your term. Good. Your term is over, now go away.

There is not one serious economist in this country that understands the evil machinations of an intertwined Oligarchical Medical/Insurance Beast that does not KNOW FOR A FACT that a single payer system wold cut health care costs drastically. Yep, there may be surgeons that used to make5 million dollars a year gaming the old system, but now they are forced to scrape by on 4 million dollars a year. TOUGH. Suck it Up. The rest of the country has been "sucking it up" for over thirty years. Heaven forbid, we may even need to do away with "for profit" hospitals. Good, Jesus (or whomever you find "religiously enlightening") frowns on people making profits over other people's suffering. And trust me, I know from personal experience that being in a "for-profit" hospital does not equate with better care. In fact, quite the opposite may be true. Fee for service is a real enemy here.

I'll tackle one more piece of cake cut. It is that REGRESSIVE bitch of a tax, the Social Security Tax. Want to solve that problem? Remove the cap. PERIOD. Make RICH people pay their share. Problem solved.

Jesus, I could sit in a room with a small group of smart 6th graders and we could get more done in 1 day than you idiots screw up in a year. Timmy, you quit squabbling with Elizabeth. She has a moral compass. It would do you and the rest of your pathetic "team" and this country a SERVICE if you would utilize her's for a spell. The one that has been in play for the last thirty years has FUCKED this country over royally.

WE THE REAL PEOPLE DEMAND AN END TO THAT SHIT. WE, the 95% that are economically downtrodden seek REAL relief. REAL prosperity. REAL equality. REAL opportunity. REAL HOPE!  NOW!

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