I don't know what to do about anything.  We are being pummeled into the dirt by the powerful & willfully ignorant such as Ben Nelson.  You can almost plug in any Senators name here, for the general breadth of Senatorial stupidity is breathtaking. (Al Franken, save us).  Tea Re Thug Licans feed on the wounded.  Anti-American Multi-Nationals are sucking out what is left of the blood in this country's corpse.  Can we recover?  Are we kidding ourselves?  Are we already a 3rd world country in disguise.  I weep for my children.

I was wondering.  Are the Germans ready to "stand-up"?  If they are, our troops can "stand-down" and come home.  That would save millions.  Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe wouldn't be able to charge the USA $100 a gallon for gas over in Germany  That would be cool huh?

Next we could do Japan. We ave troops in 135 different places around the globe.  Fine, we'll do Iraq & Afghanistan last.  Let's do the others NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all agree on cutting the deficit right?  Even if Halliburton/Blackwater/Xe's bottom line is wounded we should do this right?  We should care more about America RIGHT?

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