A Plan For Tony Hayward

No Bail
Sit in the cell til trial
Take your time on the trial

Worst case scenario, the jury says you can go.  But Tony would be oh so uncomfortable for months.

BP would be given an injection of the "FEAR OF GOD"

Who the hell is BP to be telling people they are not allowed to talk to anyone?  Who the hell is BP to be telling anyone they can't take pictures?

No one goes to jail for anything.  

Financial/Wall Street jerks.  Free as birds.

BP Planetary Criminals.
Want to go for a stroll get some dinner?


What the hell is wrong with this picture?  Can anyone do anything sensible.  Can Eric Holder get off his ass and prosecute somebody?

Dick Cheney is a free man.  Karl Rove is a free man.  George Bush is a free man.
Stanley McChrystal lies about the events surrounding Pat Tillman's death.

No one is accountable.  No one is accountable.
no one is accountable.

Does anyone in the White House have an EFFIN clue.  I've got to listen to Tea Bagging Rethuglicans pounding us every day, and we continue to try to appease them.  You can not appease sociopaths.  Got it?  You can not appease sociopaths.

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