Tony Hayward

1) Arrest the Bastard

2) No Bail for the Bastard

3) The Bastard sits in jail until trial (take your time with the trial)

Even if he avoids jail, like almost all rich people do, his arrest will put the fear of GOD in BP.

Maybe they will focus on the task at hand and not spend 50 MILLION dollars on public relations BULL SHIT.

You don't need to vent, but you need to DO something.  NO ONE has gone to jail for anything.  Financial collapse, no arrests.  Ecological disaster, no arrests.  BUSH CHENEY & their criminal underlings with OBVIOUS War Crimes, no arrests.

Smoke a God Damn joint in this country, go to God Damn Jail.

See anything wrong with that picture?

Does the President see any of this shit?  Is this all pointless.  Is there any meaning to this.  
Evil is swallowing this country and we try "bipartisonship" with it.  That went great with Neville Chamberlain and Hitler didn't it?

We are giving our country away to the forces of evil.  Hell, people in La were arrested for trying to take pictures of Oil Soaked Birds.  Why doesn't the WH put out dozens of pics of oil soaked birds?  Why don't they describe massive fish kills?  Why don't they explain the complete destruction of our Gulf ecosystem.
Thad Allen is useless.  He eve eats dinner with Tony Hayward.  A dinner that my family couldn't even afford.

Jail God Damnit.

BP is a failure.  Dispense with them and bring in people that are dedicated to solving the problem.  Not BP employees.  Like James Cameron said, the BP people "are morons".  They have refused ALL outside input.  Because they are COVERING THEIR ASS.
NOBODY in the Government or BP will even speak to Anderson Cooper.  Don't give us any BS about transparency.

Do you ever provide meaningful answers to these emails?

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